1. How much question can I ask in my one appointment/ horoscope ?

Ans. There is no certain limit for the questions. Client satisfaction is our main goal. But all question should be relate to that horoscope only. For the one horoscope we allow half an hour, in which you please conclude your all queries. Generally we cover all aspect and main question automatically. But please don't repeat the same question again and again to save your time also. It's better to write all question on a paper before making the call.

  1. How much time can I avail in one appointment ?

Ans. For one horoscope the time is half an hour for fresh horoscope. If this is varshfal (yearly prediction & remedies for old clients, then 15 minutes will be the time limit).

  1. What time should I call ?

Ans. Calling time for taking appointment or other inquires is morning 10 am to evening 6 pm in all days except Sunday. Sunday is fully closed. But the given appointment time may differ of above. If you have taken prior appointment then please call on the same time which is given to you.

  1. After consultation if I have any inquiry or doubt regarding my prediction/ details, then what to do or whom/when to call ?

Ans. Yes it's possible that some queries arises after consultation. You may send an email to our e mail address or may call once(only once) to the contact numbers in general calling time ( 10 am to 6 pm).

  1. In which language we can discuss?

Ans. Hindi and English languages are convenient for discussion. But some north Indian language i.e. Punjabi, rajasthani, may also be considerable.

  1. How much flats/buildings can I show in one vastu appointment i.e. in Rs. 3000/- or in Rs 5100/- ?

Ans. In the charges of above fees you are eligible to show only one location/ flat. In case of multiple location you please contact/ ask on phone personally.

  1. What will I get if I book whole day for Rs. 31000/- ?

Ans. Generally people book whole day appointment if they have more then two location or for very faraway location/ other city. In whole day(only 9 hours) you can show as much location and have discussion regarding that. Even you can ask as many horoscope for the same family in that available time ( except lunch and meal hours ).

  1. What data I need to provide for my horoscope analysis.

Ans. You should have your actual Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. These are enough.

  1. What do I get in one analysis

Ans. We will check some of important incident of previous years. After discussing we gives These remedies.

name correction for better vibration

your lucky day, dates & colors.

Unsuitable day, dates & colors

Lucky stone

Any fasting or mantra/pooja ( to be done by you only according to your religion)

Your suitable business/ profession/ work for speedy progress

Remedies to remove ill luck and obstacles.

Suitable advises for progress in all sectors of life


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