Teacher Australia

Wed, 20 May, 2020

I am admired by your videos and salute you for presenting with the insight and myths of Astrology. Anyone interested to learn ancient Vedic Astrology from a well-known personality who will inspire us with knowledge of spiritual and rituals concepts of Astrology. Videos are simple and have detailed explanations. Bansal Ji used many practical examples to make it lively and humorous. Many instances people are robbed and tricked by fake pandits and astrologers. He has cited examples and meaning of Kala Sarpa dosha, Mangalik dosha, the meaning of Om, Importance of 108, tieing red thread by pandit and tilak, which stone to wear and what practices to be done if you are influenced by the effect of planets and so on…….. There are 100s of Videos but worth watching if you have free time. It was by chance I was searching for and loved his videos. Thanks, Bansal Ji for enlightening about Astrology and I am confident that you will be one of the best Astrologer considering how simply you explained the facts of Astrology

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